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Roof Leak Repair Done Right

Water stains that have appeared on your ceilings or are creeping down your wall are typically signs of a leaky roof. Find the source of the problem and have it corrected by hiring Les Norris Roofing. We are available on short notice to handle any roof leak repair. The sooner the repair is made, the better the outcome for your home or business property.

Ceiling Damage

The Costly Effects of Water Damage

Damaged or missing shingles can allow rain to penetrate your home's roof and seep into the interior. Water damage could also be caused by a burst pipe in the attic or upper level of your home. When this occurs, water drips downward and eventually lands on the upper surface of the ceiling drywall or plaster, where it pools and spreads.

A drippy roof requires immediate attention. If left unfixed, it can cause severe structural damage. Even over a short time, small leaks can lead to big problems such as:

  • Damaged Ceilings & Interior Walls
  • Water Stains on Ceiling
  • Rotted Framing & Sheathing
  • Ruined Insulation
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Deteriorated Siding
  • Flooded Basement

We Can Help!

Through the use of state-of-the-art infrared technology, we have the ability to detect and treat water damage to residential and commercial properties. We provide leak detection, structural inspections, and roof repair. If you notice signs of water damage, contact our specialists today to get started on the restoration process immediately.